Service Catalogs


Service Catalog - represents all of the service Items that you would like to expose on the front-end. Different catalogs can be tailored for different audiences such as customers, internal reps, and partners.


WorkRails suggests a best practice service development lifecycle, where a WorkRails Administrator creates, configures, and tests Items within a designated Sandbox Catalog before migrating those Items to a Production Catalog. Each Catalog can be linked to a different front-end portal ( Production, Sandbox, Website, etc).

Items can be added or removed from each Catalog after selecting that Catalog record by clicking the "Add" button. This is dynamic and changes appear in your front-end immediately upon browser refresh.

For more information and best practices on service development lifecycle, please reach out to your WorkRails Customer Success Manager.


Clicking on the Service Catalog option in the left-hand pane brings up a tabular view of all of the Service Catalog records you have setup within your WorkRails instance.


  • To create a new Service Catalog, click the "New Service Catalog" button.

  • In the create Service Catalog screen, populate the Name, Status, Overview, and Details Fields.

  • Click the "Submit" button to finish creating your Service Catalog.

Note: After your Service Catalog is created, you can follow the steps outlined in the Items section within the Administrator Guide to associate Items to your new Service Catalog.


  • To edit an existing Service Catalog, highlight it within the table, and click on the Name.

  • This will bring you into the Service Catalog edit screen, where you can modify the Field details as needed.

  • After you have finished your updates, click on the "Submit" button to save the Service Catalog record.


Note: Given the critical nature of Service Catalogs, WorkRails does not expose the ability to delete Service Catalog records on the front-end. If you need to remove a Service Catalog for any reason please reach out to your WorkRails Customer Success Manager.