Sandbox Refresh Procedures

For WorkRails customers who have chosen to integrate with, we recommend a traditional software development lifecycle (SDLC) for testing all Service Catalogs and Items in a Sandbox environment prior to a UAT or Production environment.

Depending on your contract, your Salesforce Sandbox environment editions may vary considerably. Your refresh experience will ultimately depend on your edition. Each of the four editions are highlighted below. Please confirm your sandbox edition and reference the right section.

Sandbox TypeWhat's Copied
Developer SandboxMetadata only
Developer Pro SandboxMetadata only
Partial Copy SandboxMetadata and sample data
Full SandboxMetadata and all data

Note: we recommend leveraging a Full or Partial Copy Sandbox edition with WorkRails, unless your Administrator plans on seeding a Developer or Developer Pro environment post-refresh.

Before a Refresh

If you are planning on refreshing your Sandbox where your WorkRails Sandbox Catalog is embedded, it is beneficial to let your WorkRails Customer Success manager know in advance. This isn't a necessary step, but it's helpful and ensures we can help out if needed.

Partial Sandbox & Full Sandbox

  1. Before you reset a Sandbox, take note of the User records that are associated with WorkRails. These User records will need to be recreated after the Sandbox refresh is completed, with the same Username, Email, and Profile attributes. Your Production WorkRails API user will reappear after the refresh, but the Username and Email must be reset to their original values.

  2. Before you reset a Sandbox, take note of your WorkRails VisualForce page(s) where your Catalog endpoint is included. This endpoint will need to be updated to point to your Sandbox WorkRails Catalog.

If you are leveraging WorkRails Environment Variables via Custom Metadata, this step can be skipped.

Note: - please reach out to your WorkRails Customer Success Manager for more information on leveraging Custom Metadata within your VisualForce pages.

  1. If your WorkRails Sandbox Items have reference ID's to objects, such as Product2 records or FinancialForce Project template records, you may need to update these values at the Item level if your prior Sandbox records did not exist in your Production environment.

Developer Sandbox & Developer Pro Sandbox

  1. The same steps highlighted above for Partial Sandbox and Full Sandbox refreshes is the same. The only special note is that these Sandbox editions contain no data, and as such your Administrator must seed the environment with any records you would like WorkRails to integrate with, such as Product2 records.