Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Question: Does WorkRails replace traditional CPQ tools?

Answer: WorkRails is a standalone solution that can work with or without CPQ depending on your company's service sales needs. We have many customers where we integrate with CPQ and it's corresponding object model, and others who don't have WorkRails write to CPQ objects.

In fact, one of the main benefits of WorkRails is to fill in the gaps where traditional CPQ solutions fall short when dealing with a complex domain like software service sales.

Question: My existing CPQ solution forces me to procure additional licenses; do I need to buy individual WorkRails seats and assign them to users?

Answer: Absolutely not. We recognize that not every organization sells their software services through sales reps. Our platform provides an unlimited number of users so that you can empower any user of your choice to use WorkRails.

Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Question: Does WorkRails integrate with PSA tools like FinancialForce, Kimble, MavenLink, etc?

Answer: Yes, WorkRails integrates with both managed package offerings as mentioned above, in addition to 3rd party PSA tools that aren't native. Our common integration pattern aligns your Items to applicable project template IDs in your PSA tool of choice.


Question: How does WorkRails handle multi-currency?

Answer: WorkRails handles every type of multi-currency functionality that has to offer.

If you want services to be priced according to the native CurrencyType object, that's a very common pattern for us.

If your organization uses advanced currency management, including DatedExchangeRate object, we natively integrate with that as well.

Note: dated exchange rate functionality is only available on Opportunity and Opportunity Product objects. This is important to note if you would like WorkRails to integrate with your CPQ object model. More information on this can be found here. Communities

Question: Does WorkRails support Community Cloud functionality?

Answer: Absolutely. WorkRails front-end Catalog experience can be embedded anywhere, including Community sites. For Community Cloud, your WorkRails VisualForce page is embedded as a site page, which allows your target end-users to access the WorkRails Catalog front-end.