WorkRails most powerful and popular integration.


It's no surprise that many software businesses rely on the power of for their CRM needs. WorkRails has a simple, easy to use Integration that allows you to harness any of your object data to augment your WorkRails front-end experience, as well as automate data entry.

Use Cases

Some of our more popular use cases with the Integration include:

  • The ability to launch a WorkRails Catalog, directly within any object or Community Cloud.

  • The ability to target specific audiences, provide dynamic pricing, recommended Items, and suggestions.

  • The ability to automate any document or paperwork and associate to your Files & Attachments objects.

  • The ability to completely automate data entry across multiple objects and any managed package (including CPQ and popular PSA tools).

To learn more about the specifics, please see the links below.

What’s Next