Maintaining Existing Services

Create, modify, repeat.

Running a successful service sales program isn't a once and done endeavor. New services get added, old services get deprecated, and changes are inevitable. That's why we've gone to great lengths to ensure that WorkRails is flexible enough for all of your service sales needs.

After an initial implementation, changes to Item Templates can be made directly within the Item Template itself. Any changes in Item Templates will immediately apply to the underlying service Item(s). This ensures Items are dynamic on the front-end, as any changes take place immediately after a screen refresh.

As a best practice, we always recommend testing any Item Template and Item changes in a designated Sandbox Catalog before associating your Items to a Production Catalog. This ensures the highest degree of quality when rolling out or modifying service Items, and keeps unwanted changes from occurring.

That's it! We look forward to helping your business transform the way your software services are bought and sold. For more in-depth documentation and content, please see the Administrator Guide and Additional Resources sections on the left hand navigation pane.