Access Management


If you are an end-user of WorkRails, you can access the platform by going to and logging in with your designated username and password.

If you do not have an existing user record, you may request one from your company's designated WorkRails Administrator.

Password Resets

If for any reason you need to reset your password credentials, you may do so by going to and clicking the Forgot Password link. Follow the on-screen prompts and corresponding email to finish resetting your password.

User Management

Users that have access to your instance of WorkRails are designated as Employees within the platform, and are linked to specific system permissions. For more in-depth details on user management please reference the Users section on the left hand pane.


WorkRails integrates with your existing Identity Provider to authenticate users and enable single sign-on (SSO). WorkRails can integrate with any Identity Provider that supports SAML 2.0 (Including Google, Active Directory, Okta, etc), enabling you to use your primary corporate account as the identity provider for WorkRails.

Authentication Schemes

WorkRails typically deals with two different authentication schemes. When interoperating with and Communities, many of our clients find it's easiest for us to leverage as the Identity Provider.

This is done by virtue of the Users table in Salesforce. For 3rd party access use cases like partner portals, or when Salesforce isn't the main identity provider, we normally implement SAML SSO with your chosen Identify Provider; for these use cases WorkRails is flexible and can integrate with whatever you need.