Exposing Services via Catalogs

Now it's time to sell.

Now that you've created your 'Training Services' Item Template and created an Item based on it, all that's left to do is associate the Item to a Catalog.

In WorkRails, a Catalog is an e-commerce service sales experience, very similar in nature to Amazon.com. Associating Items to a given Catalog exposes those Items for purchase where ever you have your WorkRails Catalog embedded.

Think of a Catalog as the bridge between our Content Management System's back-end, and the front-end experience that your targeted audience uses for buying and selling services. Different Catalogs can be created for different target audiences and use cases, such as internal employees, or external customers and partners.

To add an Item to a Catalog, simply click the "Add" button within the Catalog view, and select the 'Training Services' Item you created earlier. That's it! Now your 'Training Services' Item is available on the front-end, ready to accelerate your services revenue.

Now let's take a quick look at maintaining your portfolio of services.

What’s Next