Document Templates


Document Template - represents the structure of a document. Document templates are used for use cases where dynamic paperwork must be generated, such as Statements of Work, Order Forms, etc..


Document Templates allow users to create and control their document experience. Using Document Templates a user can generate different types of paperwork, directly within their front-end experience.


Clicking on the Document Template option in the left-hand pane brings up a tabular view of all of the Document Template records you have setup within your WorkRails instance.


  • To create a new Document Template, click the "New Document Template" button.

  • In the create Document Template screen, a WYSIWYG editor appears. This can take any type of formatted text, as well as pre-defined Tags that map Item inputs / outputs to the Document Template. Please reach out to your WorkRails Customer Success Manager for any assistance with creating Document Templates.

  • Click the "Submit" button to finish creating your Document Template.


  • To edit an existing Document Template, highlight it within the table, and click on the Name.

  • This will bring you into the Document Template edit screen, where you can modify the content in the WYSIWYG editor as needed.

  • After you have finished your updates, click on the "Submit" button to save the Document Template record.


  • To delete an existing Document Template, highlight it within the table, click the Actions pane, and select "Delete".

  • This will prompt a dialog box that asks you to confirm the deletion of that Document Template.

Note: Deleting a Document Template is irreversible and will be removed from any associated Catalogs immediately. Do not delete an existing Document Template unless you are certain you want it removed.