Decision Tree


Decision Tree - represents a workflow containing questions, statements, and responses, which provides a guided selling experience for your end-users.


Decision Tree records are aimed at guiding the end-user to a desired endpoint. They are comprised of the following elements:

  • Questions: each Decision Tree contains one or more Questions which you present to an end-user.

  • Options: Questions contain one or more Option records. Options contain a Label and an Outcome.

  • Outcomes: when a specific Option is selected, the system will trigger your desired Outcome. The following Outcome Types are available:

Outcome TypeDescription
QuestionAdds another Question with corresponding Options and Outcomes to the flow.
ItemPresents the end-user with a suggested service Item.
Items & BundlesPresents the end-user with suggested service Items and Bundles.
BundlePresents the end-user with a suggested service Bundle.
CatalogBrings the end-user into an entirely different catalog. This is useful for audience targeting.
Decision TreeLaunches the start of a different Decision Tree record. Used for more advanced guided selling scenarios.
MessagePresents a message to the end-user.
URLLaunches a URL on the end-user's browser.


Clicking on the Decision Tree option in the left-hand pane brings up a tabular view of all of the Decision Tree records you have setup within your WorkRails instance.


  • To create a new Decision Tree, click the "Create Flow" button.

  • In the create Decision Tree screen, populate the Name Field, and Status Field.

  • Add your desired Questions, Options, and Outcomes.

  • Click the "Save" button to finish creating your Decision Tree.


  • To clone an existing Decision Tree, highlight a Decision Tree record in the table, click the Actions pane, and select "Clone".

  • This will create a cloned representation of the existing Decision Tree that you have selected, and will pre-populate it with details that you can then override.

  • After you have updated your Questions, Options, and Outcomes, click on the "Submit" button to save the Decision Tree.


  • To edit an existing Decision Tree, highlight it within the table, and click on the Name.

  • This will bring you into the Decision Tree edit screen, where you can modify the record as needed.

  • After you have finished your updates, click on the "Submit" button to save the Item.

Note: If your Decision Tree is associated with any Catalogs, changes will take place immediately. Be sure to properly test Sandbox Decision Tree records before making changes to corresponding Production Decision Trees.


  • To clone an existing Decision Tree, highlight a Decision Tree record in the table, click the Actions pane, and select "Delete".

  • This will prompt a dialog box that asks you to confirm the deletion of that Decision Tree.

Note: Deleting a Decision Tree is irreversible and will be removed from any associated Catalogs immediately. Do not delete an existing Decision Tree unless you are certain you want it removed.