Creating Services

Now let's get that service spun up!

Items in WorkRails are an individual representation of a given Item Template. A good example of this would be comparing to a similar concept:

Construction BlueprintHouse(s) built using the Construction Blueprint.
Item TemplateItem(s) built using the Item Template.

Since we created our Item Template for 'Training Services' in our last step, we can simply click and create a new Item and select 'Training Services'. Within the Item record, you can provide default field state, such as specific instructions to the end-user for how to configure the service, set list pricing, and more. Creating services via Items is incredibly easy since Item Templates contain the lions share of logic necessary.

As a best practice, we normally recommend a 1:1 relationship between Item Templates and Items, which helps significantly when dealing with services that require many inputs or advanced pricing logic. However simple use cases or pre-packaged services occassionally warrant a 1:Many relationship between Item Templates and Items. You can always chat with your WorkRails Customer Success Manager for best practices here.

Now that we've created our Item based on our 'Training Services' Item Template, let's associate it to a Catalog to expose it for your buyers and sellers.

What’s Next